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Default Question...05 GS500f

My GF owns a 2005 GS500f. Purchased January 06 888 miles.

Its had a number of carb problems that have seemed to be fixed...still has a slight lumpy idle like the carbs are not sync'd. Kept stalling @ Frisco's last week. There are 888 miles on the bike. Its been back to Hahm Motorsports just about every other week.

Currently the problem is getting the bike into "N". After riding for a while she can not go from 1st to "N". It will click right past it. Its happened @ the dealer to her, so she held the clutch in and got off the bike while I tried it. I couldnt do it. Rev'd the bike, rolled it forward, rear ward....nothing. So I called out one of the techs and he had no luck either. So we leave the bike. Get a call back.."we cannot duplicate your problem". She also had an issue where if she DID get it into "N", it would be a BITCH to get it into 1st. So we take the bike back. She rides it for a lil longer. We have taken it back about 5 times now. This past Saturday the 20th we were riding it around brea/buena park to see how it was doing. 1st hour or so it was cool. We went to 7/11 for a slurpee and in the parking lot she could not get it into "N". So we took it back. The service manager and one other tech took it for a spin around the block and came back and said that they could not find anything going on with it. We left the bike because by now my GF is in tears over this bike. Everytime she gts on it she expects it ot break down....its something that she's just come to expect. We left the the bike there for the weekend and they said they would drie the bike this monday. We call on Monday and due to the fact that the techs there think that nothing is wrong, they dont want to ride it. We picked it up today, 880 miles on the bike. Just like when we dropped it off. seems that they messed with the clutch cable. She noticed the clutch lever is further out and harder for her to disengage.

We took it to another dealer, about 3 miles from HAHM while waiting @ a light, she was unable to get the bike out of "N" into 1st. Told her to rev the bike and roll it around. She got finaly. So now the bike is sitting @ Southland Suzuki awaiting tomorrow's road test.

One thing that I've noticed.....

Bike will stall sometimes. Backed the bike out of the garage after warming it up, put it into gear, stalled. Kick stand up...and all.

So there are still some problems with the carbs...and what seems to be a screwed up tranny.

Has anyone had any experience with this bike that might know whats up? We met another GS rider this weekend and shes having like problems. She knew of about 4 other bikes that are doing this. I've been hearing how "bullet proof" this bike is..but this one needs bullet through it.

Also, anyone know anythng about lemon laws for bikes? This one just smells like it.

Thanks in advance....

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Default RE: Question...05 GS500f

I had one of these bikes last year, I have since traded up to a '06 gsx-r600. I was expierencing the same problems with my gs when I had it. however, mine seemed to be less sporadic than your's and whenever it wouldn't go into first from neutral, or into neutral from first, all I had to do is turn the engine off for a minute or so, restart it, then it would be fine. even my gsxr had problems getting into neutral from first, but that went away pretty quickly.
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Default RE: Question...05 GS500f

Well we've met with a few other owners and they have had similar problems. Right now Suzuki is NOT helping us at all. We would like this fixed, but none of the local dealers seem to know whats going on. We have contacted a lemon law lawyer and are going from there. Corp will not help us resolve this, they keep telling her they pretty much to deal with the problem.

Needless to say she wont be buying another Suzuki.
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