06 forenza won't hard start

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Default 06 forenza won't hard start

ok, i haven't even made a payment to my brand new forenza yet.

i have a passenger air bag light that says its not on.

i've noticed that the car idles high sometimes when it starts.

i've noticed that it revv's between 1 and 2 gears when in traffic (only once).

and ALSO, i've noticed that in the past week, on 2 different occurances, when i go to start it after its been sitting over night, IT WON'T START.


what does that kind of problem have to do with in the engine? please help?
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Default RE: 06 forenza won't hard start

ok let's see.
the air bag light "off" is a good thing. they have a newer system that will sense if some body is in the pass seat before the pass air bag will arm itself, this also depends on the persons weight as to wehter the air bag will come on or stay off. my 10yr old son is 86 pounds and the light will come on with him in the front seat, however my wife ( i dunno how much she weighs!) the light will go off. so that is ok.

the high idle? many many factors for this, temp. when you start it up? is the a/c on? if it idles down i would say it is ok, my 06 forenza is a little undecided on this also.

the revs betweens gears. do you have a stick or auto? i have a stickshift and am convinced that the car has a very heavy flywheel in it. not allowing the engine to "spin down" too quickly. this is not fact just my opinion, i could be way wrong on this one. if it is an automatic, then i would definatly have the dealer look at it.

no start...............this has happened once for me, so i don't have much of an opinion on this. being a gm tech, we have issues with fuel pressure regulators on some of the gm product.

i don't know if that helped any, good luck, i think we all will need it?
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Default RE: 06 forenza won't hard start

Take it into your suzuki dealer for a reflash of the ECM they had programming problems with the 06's for a hard to start/ extended crank. Make sure after they reflash it they do the IDLE relearn and that should help your idling problem as well
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Default RE: 06 forenza won't hard start

We bought two Forenza's this year. The first one was bought back by the dealership as it didn't start at times and the idle was not smooth (shook the whole car in the morning). There was also a transmission shutter at times and the accelerator pedal acted as if it wasn't connected to the engine (the engine did not rev up when asked to). Also the a/c wasn't working very well either. We were told by the dealership Service Manager that technicians were being flown over from Korea to address the problem but no solution was available at the time. The dealership did buy the car back and admitted openly that the Forenza had these problems in 1 out of 7 vehicles.
The second Forenza has ended up having the same problems as the first. We have had the car into the dealership to repair no start conditions, the idle in the morning is completely unacceptable, and the transmission shutters at times from a dead stop. This time the dealership calls these problems "commercially acceptable".
I am a technician who is certified through ASE and have 30 years experience working on today's vehicles, I have never heard of a "commercially acceptable" problem with a brand new vehicle. This terminology is not known to the Suzuki help line in Brea, California, cannot be explained by the dealership where the vehicle was serviced or any other dealership in the area as I did asked repeatedly. The only person I am being told who knows the definition is a District Manager who will not call me back and for whom Suzuki will not give out the number. I can assure you there is no definition to this phrase, it's a cover up and buyers are paying for these defective vehicles presently who are unaware that these problems may be part of their life sooner or later.
If you think that these cars are made by Suzuki, think again! They are a cooperative venture between GM and Daewoo. Daewoo is the company that went bankrupt and left all their cusomers without available parts to fix their cars. I had a few customers who had these vehicles and it was very hard to find any parts for their cars (I found one guy who was able to get them on a very limited basis).
This dealership has even told me that they no longer want to service my car. When I purchased the car I was given a Lifetime of Oil Changes that evidently they don't wish to honor either.
I don't know anything about their other lines of cars but would not suggest to any one that they consider Suzuki.
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Default RE: 06 forenza won't hard start

commercially acceptable means they know that there is an issue, and they know that they cannot come up with a fix in a descent amount of time. i bought the car knowing it will have some issue's, what car doesn't. i have have not had any problems yet, i hope all your cars turn out ok. if not maybe we should all file a class action suit! any one can take an ase test...
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