the evolution of the boulevard

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Default the evolution of the boulevard

I am trying to buy a c90t... but im curious to know are there any note worthy differences between the 2005 c90t and the 2007 c90t. From what I have read, The clutch is tremendously loud and sticky on the 05, but it seems that the problem is less talked about with the 07's... All of the specs seem to be otherwise identical, so im trying to decide which to go with... thanks in advance...
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Default RE: the evolution of the boulevard

Don't know if this helps you or not. I have an 05 M50 with 8200 miles on it. I have had 0 problems with the clutch being loud or sticky. In fact, I bought it a year ago with 2400 miles on it, and I can honestly say I've had no issues with the bike.

I'm pretty sure the only differences between an M and a C are cosmetic and a different style of handlebar.
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Default RE: the evolution of the boulevard

For the most part your correct... the M denotes Muscle while the C denotes cruiser... they made a few changes to the appearence and a few mods to the bike... but what i cant seem to track down is what changes were made to the bike between 05 and 07... the complaints are mostly standard about the C90t... being the fuel tank and the clutch, but ive noticed there were more problems with the cornering and handling of the older models as well... so im just wondering if they made any substantial changes to the bike over those two years that would drive me to spend the extra money on a newer version... Thanks for the input Viking...
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2005 was the first year for the C90, a fuel injected upgrade to the 1998 to 2004 Intruder LC1500. Basically the same motor (except for carbs vs injection), but most parts (seats, skins, etc) are not interchangeable.

2005 and early 2006 C90s had a recall for possible cracks in the tank. Suzuki replaced cracked tanks and put in new rubber spacers for the ones that had not cracked.

Some 2005s had problems with the stator... seems to have been corrected with subsequent years

Grabby clutches were also a problem that has been corrected.

Handling issues are due to the weight and wheelbase of the C90. At very low speed it can feel a little unsteady, but that sensation goes away as soon as you go faster than walking speed. The long wheelbase gives it a big turning radius, but also gives tremendous stability on the highway. The low center of gavity from having the gas tank under the seat also helps with stability. I have had no problems being blown around on the interstate, even from the 18 wheelers.

I think part of the problem for some people might be that the C90 might just be too big for them. At 6'4" and 250 lbs it's just right for me. For those who want the same vibe in a sightly smaller package, the C50 handles better, has almost as much HP and is more than enough bike for most people. I know two guys that have C50s (both about 6 ft tall) and they really like them

A recommended upgrade to the C90 is to replace the front spring with progressives. I have heard that this really improves the handling, but I have not gotten around to doing mine yet. Also, the OEM head bearings have a bad habit of wearing quickly, so many owners replace them with better quality aftermarket ones.

I have a 2007 C90T and have had no problems at all. These bikes are generally very dependable and problem free. I have been very happy with my C90T and would buy another if anything happened to this one.

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