M50 Charging issues

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Default M50 Charging issues

Howdy all,
I have a 2005 Suzuki M50 with 1500 mi. I just recently put a new Everstart (Wal-mart) battery in it. The last one wouldn't hold a charge and it was also an Everstart. After I put in the new Everstart, I did not crank the bike for a week. I went out to crank it this week end and it wouldn't turn over. I pulled the new battery out and checked the voltage on it. It was showing 9 volts. I charged it up using a 2 amp trickle charger and put the battery back into the bike. I tried cranking it and when I pressed the start button it died. Lost all power, all the guages went out and the headlight went out. It all came back on after a few seconds, but when I pressed the start button again, it did the same thing. I pulled the battery again and checked the voltage (12.8V). I then connected a black and decker jumpstart to the bike and tried to crank it. It cranked and ran fine. I checked the voltage across the terminals and at idle it is 14.2V and at 5000RPM it is 13.8V which seems right. I left it running and disconnected the jump start (no battery in bike) and it died. I thought it should have enough power to run itself, but don't know. I believe I just got another crappy battery from Walmart, but I just wanted to make sure before I spent more money on a battery.
So in the end, Should it be able to run without a battery in it if the charging system is fine? Also, do you believe it's just the Everstart battery causing my issues. Any help is greatly appreciated and I apologize for the long letter.
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Default RE: M50 Charging issues

frankly i wouldnt buy auto batteries from walmart. Id go to a store that sells auto/motorcycle batteries and such specifically. btw did u check the the voltage coming off the alternator? or just the leads? the leads could be bad or corroded. Try a different battery. and make sure it works when u put it in. dont let it sit for a week. also it requires a battery to be onboard when running lol. BUT MAKE SURE IT WORKS WHEN YOU BUY IT. CRANK IT RIGHT AFTER YOU INSTALL IT. if it doesnt return the battery and take it to a motoshop for a new battery and make sure they test it.
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Default RE: M50 Charging issues

The voltage is not as critical as the current flow...Any 12 volt vehicle battery should read in the 13-14 volt region when fully charged..You were correct in a triclke charge however be careful if using auto type charger as recharging current may exceed motorcyle battery capacity and ruin battery,if battery is very warm after a couple min charging remove it.

PAY EXTRA ATTENTION TO BATTERY CONNECTIONS!!! If adaptors are not TIGHT AND CLEAN on battery replace them and try again.any weakness in this area WILL NOT DELIVER CURRENT NEEDED TO SPIN STARTER MOTOR..
..The generator will not recharge a weak battery no matter how long you run engine...
The voltages you observed are nominal and seem to be correct.
I would concentrate on connections and cables...You may have a bad replacement battery,however there are only about 12 battery makers on the whole planet and walmart batteries are made by one of these mfgrs...the popular bike battery MUSA I think is the brand name(OEM SUZUKI) is a division of EXIDE...In the USA the majority of all baterries(flashlight,9volt,aaa,auto/aircraft/farm/motorcycle......) are made by DELCO(OEM to about 16 different makes.DELCO sells batteries under many labels,Honda OEM,GM OEM
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