Bandit400 VS GSXR400 (URGENT!)

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Cool Bandit400 VS GSXR400 (URGENT!)

I like the looks of both, I can get either for the same(ish) price (the GSXR is about R1k more).

The GSXR needs a very little TLC (replace some rusty screws and put brake fluid in the completely empty back brakes etc. Nothing too difficult) and the Bandit is in MINT condition 'cept that the engine floods easily sometimes.

What is now the deciding factor is, the maintanence cost. What does anyone know about general maintence costs on these bikes? Servicing costs? Spare part availability? Cost of parts? (remembering that these bikes are both grey import)

I have heard that Bandit maintenence costs will be low cuz it is such a popular bike.

I have yet to ride the Bandit because the owner popped a spark plug the day I was gonna take her for a spin. I think I will enjoy riding the Bandit as much as I enjoyed riding the GSXR. Damn that bike was fast. Oh my god.

Oh yes, Both bikes are a little small for me but I don't look big on them. I just feel like my legs are too long as I can't comfortably put my feet on the pegs while sitting properly on the bikes. But it doesn't seem to phase me while I am actually riding (I have yet to try it on the bandit but it is what I experienced on the GSXR)

The backround information behind the bikes:
*35000km on the clock
*Probably a 95model if I were to guess
*Originally owned by the wife of a guy who rides for the Monarchs :O
*Custom pipe (that I would have to replace as it sounds a little like a hairdryer at the moment) and custom tubing etc.
*Now owned by a lady rider who rides for fun on the weekends (However, she doesn't know much about bikes and hasn't been maintaining her well but did get a major service on her about 6months ago)
*Horrible throttle grip that feels so weird to open.

The Bandit:
*A 2000 model, first registered in 2003 and was owned by a lady rider. Then bought by current owner two years ago
*about 14000km on the clock
*all original parts (I'd need a custom pipe put on to make it more thundery sounding as a Bandit is quite average sounding with original exhausts)
*Variable timing

So my question is, If you were in my position, Which would you go for? Has anyone owned both bikes and can give me pros and cons?

I have a week to decide.


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